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June 2, 2008
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3D-Typo Using Only Photoshop by MadPotato 3D-Typo Using Only Photoshop by MadPotato
If you've enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to visit my portfolio ([link]) for more tutorials, resources and some pretty wallpaper-packs.

What you'll learn:
- Creating A Bubble Brush
- Creating / Employing Actions
- Illustrating 3D-Typography Using Only Photoshop
- Illustrating Vector Swirls
- Additional Visual Effects

I will most likely not be the first person to tell you that three-dimensional typography is experiencing an ever increasing popularity amongst both designers and their audience. An understandable development as the third dimension introduces new elements and uncharted playgrounds into the wonderful world of typography, combining the aspects of design and communication in an unparalleled fashion. While most other articles on 3D-typography employ external 3D-rendering applications, this introduction will guide you through the complete process of recreating the tutorialís cover illustration using Adobe Photoshop and itís built-in tools only. The tutorial comes with the illustrationís original, layered .PSD-file, a set of 8 3D-Actions and the original bubble- and smudge-brushes.


Using a localized version of Photoshop? See this comment for details on how to avoid problems with your actions: [link]

What people have created (using this tutorial as a source of inspiration):
If you want your image to appear here as well, just drop me a note - I love seeing what you guys come up with

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To the right you'll find a link called "Download this file" (above "more from madPotato"). That ZIP-File contains everything you need. If you can't find it, simply use the search-function of your browser (in most cases CTRL+F)
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